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Στο της βρείτε τις καλήτερες προσφορές για

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Autobiographical Mobile: My painting diary – Day 1: Mallorca

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The Daily Norm

Since I started The Daily Norm last year, in those unenriched days when my interaction with the abundant world of the blogosphere was only just beginning, I have featured a fair number of my own paintings on my blog, attempting, as I have posted their photos, to explain some of the meaning behind what are often quite complex painted images. For my latest painting, I am changing tack.

In my current  work, which has now been sitting upon my easel for some weeks, I am exploring an autobiographical subject matter on a grand scale (the canvas is 120cm x 120 cm, so a fair size for my lounge-come-studio to take when you consider that when I paint, I basically take over my kitchen – leading to some interesting food results when the paint gets too close to the oven top). Because the work is essentially a self-portrait albeit explored through…

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Hump-Day Hankerin’

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Commence the “Hump-Day Hankerin”.

Every Tuesday (that I am within the internet’s reach), I will post a delicious resort/spa/what-have-you that boasts some sort of extraordinary aspect that I am currently lusting over. Some of you are thinking “Hump-Day, that’s Wednesday”. Well over on this side of the world, we do things a little different, leaving Tuesday as “mid-week”. Boom.

As I will be posting about Asia/Indo-China over the next few days, I’ve decided to look back into the Western Hemisphere for something fabulous, and I didn’t have to look entirely too far to find the latest amazing feature…

Jade Mountain – St. Lucia

One word- stunning. I didn’t even have to take a peek at the accommodations themselves, it was love at first sight after getting a glimpse of the infinity pool. As you will soon realize, I am in love with anything having to do with the beach/pool/any large…

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La Belle Provence

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Spoon Life Travel

Is it really the end of August already?  I’m not sure about you, but this summer has flown by.  Just the other day I noticed how much cooler the evenings are getting compared to a month ago.  I am NOT ready for the on-set of fall!  Didn’t we just get summer?!?  Please let me have at least four more weeks of hot and humid summer nights filled with long bike rides, visits with friends, and one too many bottles of rosé wine.  Please??? 

In an attempt to prolong this feeling I have posted some photos from our most recent trip to the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of France.  With its mediterranean climate, bikini clad boardwalks, and beach-side cafe’s filled with bronzed tourists and locals alike, this place exudes summer-ness.  The air is scented with lavender and the food is rich in flavour, making you swear to never eat another tasteless tomato again.  Sips of wine alternate with the sweet…

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Valencia, Spain 2012

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Whoever said holidays are meant to be relaxing has never been on holiday with my family! We’ve been so busy, making sure we make the most of the wonderful city of Valencia, visiting all the tourist sites, eating in all the restaurants, soaking up the sun on the beaches, checking out the shopping and getting to know the Spanish culture a little better.

Valencia, was one of the most fascinating cities I have had the pleasure of visiting. What I liked the most was how both the old and new architecture intertwine and fuse, forming a mass of confused contributing characteristics that bundle within the crumbling city walls. Consequently, Valencia is a city with a big character, felt most prominently right in the heart of this beautiful place. The hustle and bustle of tourists, and local businesses clashed with the scorching heat of prime-time summer, creating this buzzing, teaming atmosphere.

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Share your national park photos –

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Sequoia National Park

Share your national park photos –

For my Photographer friends, thought this looked interesting…


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Making lemonade (or wine!) out of lemons

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pree Conceived Notions

Most of the things one should do while in Cape Town require the weather to be favorable. But it turns out August, which is when I visited a few weeks ago, is likely the worst time to get good weather. But I was told by my hostel manager Wayne, a rainy day can always be spent in a Wine Tour! So when the weather got bad (even worse than I thought it would) I decided it was time for wine!

Ellie is an American girl I met at the hostel; she is doing an internship in Jo’burg and went to Cape for the weekend. Ellie had done all the research on which wine tour to take and where to go. And (lucky me) she invited me to join her! (I might have cornered her into asking… honestly can’t remember ;o) )

I strongly recommend the company we used (African Story…

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Wow, I Think I Want To Go Here Now ;)

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